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How to teach a cat to the toilet?

If you bought a kitten, or maybe gave it to you, which is now fashionable, then you need to urgently accustom it to the toilet. And even better - to the toilet. Today, a quick and convenient tool for this is the simulator system - clicker. After all, cats in almost every breed have a wonderful property - learning ability.

Of course, you can accustom to the tray - the standard way. But behind this is the need to wash it daily, change the litter, etc. Clicker will save you from this.

A little about clicker training

If you want to teach your pet good manners, using clicker training is easy. Here the training takes place with the help of a clear clicker signal - a small box with a metal clicking plate.

And so, take only 5-10 minutes to practice with your pet. The main thing in the training methodology is patience and following simple rules:

A kitten should know that clicking a clicker is something pleasant for him. To do this, prepare at the beginning of the lesson a treat, cut into small pieces, which the pet loves. Before the training, the kitty should be hungry (let it take a couple of hours after feeding and in the bowl with food will be empty). Now give the animal a small piece of goodies (let him take it), and click. And so repeat a few more times. - This was the first lesson.

The second lesson begins with a repetition. Then we teach the cat to follow the direction of your hand. Take a pencil or ruler (pointer), show it to the pupil. Interested? - Click and treat.

We are now trying to teach her to chase a pencil. Move the pencil a little and click if the cat has reacted to the movement of your hand. If not, do not click. Try again.

We repeat the tasks of the first lessons and teach the kitten to jump onto a chair (toilet bowl with a closed lid, etc.). Do not forget to praise and treat, otherwise you will not achieve the result.

After you succeed, repeat the lesson, but the toilet should already be with the lid open and the seat down. Let this cover first be on the floor, so that the kitty is accustomed to step on it and even sleep on this seat. And each time you click with her right actions and give her a piece of refreshment.

In the meantime, we can’t do without a tray. Place it closer to the toilet (better right away). If the pet is already used to the lid on the floor, move it to the tray, only secure it securely. Again, play with the animal to hop onto the open tray. After a week, the cat will be ready to move the tray into the toilet.

The most popular training systems

To date, there are different systems among the simulators for teaching cats to the toilet. Considering customer reviews, the most popular among them are the following:

- Domakot, which clearly indicates where to cut holes. There is an additional tray. But the design has a flexible bottom, which is not very pleasant for animals. To him you need to buy a soft non-slip seat for the cat on the toilet, and, of course, washable.

- City Kitty and Waka. These simulators have a similar design, but City Kitty is not for sale in Russia.

- Lining on the toilet from a series of previously mentioned simulators that can be bought in Ukraine. But they are preferable for cats weighing up to 4.5 kg. All products of this series are quite convenient, because suitable for almost any toilet. Holes are cut easily.

- Litter Quitter is the most popular system abroad. Perhaps this is due to the strength and stability of the structure with good depth. You don’t need to cut anything. It’s better to train a cat from the floor. But as a minus it is worth saying about the high price of the product. The simulator requires the purchase of additional trays to gradually increase the holes.

- Felin Evolution is a good clicker simulator with sliding shutters. There is no need to constantly pull the tray out of the toilet. Feet for a gradual increase in height and a wide comfortable seat for a cat are provided. But the product for washing inside is hard to reach.

Of course, these are not all training systems. Choose yourself and remember that their use will protect you from unnecessary worries in caring for your pet.