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Pyrethrum powder from pests: instructions for use, composition, effectiveness and reviews


Pyrethrum online store offers buy antiparasitic collection Berezit from the Russian manufacturer. The goods are sold in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as delivered to other regions of the Russian Federation. Fast and reliable delivery is combined with the lowest prices for the domestic market at mix of herbs Berezit. In addition, we provide clients with professional advice, helping with product selection and recommendations for its use.

This review provides a general description of the herbal collection of Berezit, including its composition, properties and applications. Here you will find recommendations regarding the use of the drug in order to cleanse the body of parasites and pathogenic microflora formed by external and internal sources in the body.

Antiparasitic mixture Berezit: composition of the collection and its effect

Presented on this page is herbal collecting Berezit is 100% natural product. It can be ordered in powder form or in capsules. In this case, the differences will lie only in the method of application. Compositions, dosages and Berezit effectiveness in powder and capsules are completely identical. As for the composition of the herbal mixture, the following components are included:

  • wormwood herb, tansy, cloves and ginger,
  • turmeric, dill seed, birch and pomegranate bark,
  • yarrow, thyme, mint, St. John's wort and meadowsweet,
  • nettle, oregano, black walnut and birch leaves,
  • celandine, field horsetail, marigold and echinacea leaf.

In relatively small proportions, other ingredients are added here, which determine the basic properties of Berezite. His main “strength" is bitterness. It is it that has a detrimental effect on parasites of various origins and destroys the pathogenic microflora that they form in the body. Practice shows that the antiparasitic mixture Berezit is effective in combating the widest variety of parasites.

Taking this drug according to the recommendations, you can quickly and effectively cleanse your body of viral and genital infections, helminths, flatworms, flukes, trematodes and other parasitic microorganisms that have a negative impact on our health.

Another direction of the impact that the collection of Berezit has is the stimulation of the secretion of bile. This effect enhances peristalsis and accelerates the process of removing toxins and stagnant rotting masses through the intestines. This process protects the blood from getting toxins into it, which are the cause of various diseases, lethargy, fatigue and other ailments.

The experience of using Berezit herbal tea shows that after passing the monthly course, which is designed for one package of the product, significant positive changes are observed. The drug helps to get rid of constipation and bloating of the abdominal organs, anemia and allergies, joint pain and muscle fatigue, nervousness and anxiety, drowsiness and insomnia. In addition, papillomas and dermatitis disappear in many people who take Berezit, and cracks in the heels are smoothed out.

Recommendations for the use of herbal collection Berezit

The offer to buy Berezit from parasites will become most effective if you follow a number of recommendations for use. Adults and children (there is no age separation) should take 1 teaspoon of the powder or 1 capsule twice a day. The first time this is done in the morning on an empty stomach before eating. The second adoption is recommended to be done in the evening before going to bed. After using the Berezit powder mixture or the drug in capsules, they must be washed down with plenty of water. As already noted, one course is about a month, after which it is necessary to pause to give the body a rest.

Important points in the application of a mixture of herbs Berezit are the following:

  • refusal to eat at the time of taking funds from at the time of taking funds from products from yeast dough and wheat flour, hard cheeses and sweets, including most fruits,
  • more frequent consumption of sour berries, green apples, lemons, kiwi, grapefruit and lime, due to a decrease in the intake of essential vitamins from eating sweet fruits,
  • taking a laxative (magnesia, castor oil) and / or washing the intestines with painful sensations in the stomach associated with an intensive process of cleansing its microflora.

In addition, it is recommended to adhere to the standard terms for taking the course of taking Berezit. According to experienced specialists, the most favorable periods here are the beginning of autumn and the beginning of spring. In addition, buying a collection of Berezit will not hurt after visiting exotic countries with dramatically different climate and cuisine from the Russian one.

Contraindications for the use of antiparasitic mixture Berezit

In conclusion, we add that the herbal natural collection of Berezit practically has no contraindications. Nevertheless, it is recommended to refrain from its use during pregnancy and lactation. In addition, people suffering from allergic reactions should consult a doctor before using Berezit.

What is the Pyrethrum?

Pyrethrum is a medicinal plant similar in appearance to chamomile. The country of its growth is Montenegro, as well as Croatia. You can meet the plant in the South Caucasus. Because of its resemblance, it is often called chamomile.

Pyrethrum powder is shredded inflorescences that were used to destroy bugs and fleas two centuries ago. In ancient times, it was the well-known "Dalmatian powder", which was actively used by the hostesses. They sprinkled on them the places where insects lived most of all.

Also previously existed a different kind of powder. It was called "Persian" and arsenic was added to it for greater effectiveness. But in connection with the mass poisoning of domestic animals and people, the application has come to naught.

Interestingly, warriors from the time of Alexander the Great actively used Pyrethrum powder to get rid of bedbugs on clothes and bedding.

The composition of the funds

When it is necessary to destroy insects in the house, when choosing a tool, its safety for households and animals is important. At first glance, there are many such drugs. But some have a pungent odor, others are ineffective. These flaws are deprived of the pyrethrum powder from bedbugs. The effect occurs almost immediately and lasts a long time.

In production, the drug is made by grinding inflorescences Pyrethrum - Caucasian chamomile. It turns a gray-green powder, which is the main component of the product.

People have long noticed that a fragrant plant repels harmful insects. Bunches of plants were dried and hung around the house, laid in cabinets and placed in the kitchen. A pleasant floral aroma quickly spread throughout the house, which is harmless to humans and pets, but is not tolerated by fleas and cockroaches.

Scientists experiments

Modern scientists based on feverfew sought to make strong insecticides. But they caused allergic reactions and even choking. Therefore, the popularity of conventional powder has increased. Its properties were studied and it turned out that a medicinal plant not only without consequences kills insects, but also has a healing effect on humans. Judging by the reviews, it relieves headaches and helps with migraines.

How does the drug work?

Pyrethrum powder has properties similar to insecticides. But it relates to means of contact action. When the particles of the plant fall on the insect, they quickly penetrate inside. Concentration is rapidly increasing and spreading throughout the body.

The action of the powder is based on the effect on the nervous system:

  1. The transmission of nerve impulses is disrupted and, therefore, the whole system of life is upset.
  2. Insects lose their ability to move. Paralysis of all organs occurs.

Insects lose their ability to move, which means they lose food. The number of adults is sharply reduced. Those who survived are not able to breed. The population does not recover and quickly disappears. The remaining insects leave the dangerous place.

In a residential building where there are small children and animals live, it is better to use the natural "Pyrethrum". Flea powder will help if their population has not reached large sizes. With a large congestion and in office and other non-residential premises, it is more rational to use a synthetic insecticide.

Properties of a natural remedy

The main advantage of the drug, which is noted by the hostesses, is its complete environmental safety. As a plant component, it has the property of disintegrating under direct sunlight into natural components in just two days. But this property also determines the shortcoming of the Pyrethrum. The duration of the powder is quite low. But there is a choice between the complete safety of the product used, which is Pyrethrum powder, and the speed of destruction of harmful insects.

The main advantages of the drug:

  • high efficiency against bugs and cockroaches, when comparing Pyrethrum with other herbal remedies,
  • safe use in a room where there are young children and pets live,
  • there is no need for special means to remove the used drug,
  • when processing, there is no need to leave the premises,
  • when using highly toxic preparations it is necessary to ventilate the room, "Pyrethrum" eliminates this need,
  • insects are not accustomed to using Pyrethrum, so repeated treatments do not require an increase in dose,
  • makes it possible to quickly and effectively get rid of fleas,
  • does not affect indoor plants,
  • Pyrethrum (a powder from bugs and fleas) does not have additional chemical compounds that would have a negative effect on human health.

How to use "Pyrethrum" from pests

Instructions for use are included in each package. It provides recommendations for use and recommended doses. The amount of powder used depends on the type of insect being destroyed and the scale of the disaster.

Therefore, before you do the processing directly, you should determine the approximate number of insects. Their possible “paths” are also determined.

Pests often hide under baseboards and other hard-to-reach spots. To process them, you can use the spray gun, which is sold in the pharmacy. If not, then a regular syringe will cope with the problem. In this case, a solution based on water is prepared from the powder.

Recommended processing locations:

  • skirting boards
  • joints between tiles
  • carpet covering,
  • cushioned furniture,
  • kitchen furniture.

To destroy cockroaches, bugs and fleas, you can buy Pyrethrum powder. The instructions that come with the tool will help you find the best way to use it. So, if you need to process hard-to-reach places, it is recommended to prepare a solution.

It takes 5-6 tablespoons of powder and one liter of water. The resulting composition is poured into a spray bottle or syringe and treated with favorite places of pests.

Scope of application

The action of the powder is short and is about 2-3 days. After that, wet cleaning is recommended, and the use of special detergents is not required. If necessary, you can repeat the processing.

It must be remembered that the Pyrethrum acts only on adults, providing a paralytic effect. It does not have the desired effect on the larvae, therefore, offspring may soon appear. Therefore, for the complete destruction of insects, at least five treatments are recommended.

The drug is active against bugs, cockroaches, fleas and lice. In apartments located on the ground floors, insects often penetrate from the basement. Therefore, it is recommended to pour powder under the mat located at the front door. Of course, it is necessary to change it after 2-3 days.

It is allowed to use a flea control product for pets. To do this, the powder is distributed on their wool. His taste is bitter, so the pet will not lick it.

To get rid of lice, you can also use Pyrethrum powder. In a pharmacy, such a product is sold in the form of a dry powder or solution that must be rubbed into the scalp. After 30 minutes, the hair is washed with warm water. The treatment is repeated 3-4 times. The main problem is that the product is rarely commercially available.

Precautions when working with the drug

Despite the declared safety and natural composition, when working with the product, certain precautions must be observed. The composition of the powder includes pyrethrins, which are capable of provoking allergic reactions. Before using the drug, you need to make sure that none of your relatives are sensitive to plants from the Astrov family.

Before starting treatment, especially with a prepared solution, it is better to take measures that contribute to the protection of a person:

  • wear gloves
  • protect the face with a bandage,
  • It is recommended to use special glasses.

After treatment, wash your hands with soap and wash with cool water. Keep the powder out of the reach of children.

Pyrethrum powder is a natural product that fights crawling and flying insects as effectively as its chemical counterparts. But at the same time it is safe when used in a house where children, old people and animals live. This is also confirmed by user reviews.

The tool has no analogues among drugs that combine the effectiveness of an insecticide and plant safety. However, as noted by users, one should not randomly pour powder in the hope of getting rid of insects and neglecting the instructions. Only full adherence to the rules of use will help to destroy unpleasant "residents" and guarantee safety for people.

The only problem noted in the reviews was that the powder became difficult to get. It is very rarely sold in pharmacies. There are special sites where Pyrethrum is sold both in the form of a conventional powder and in the form of products based on it. It can be sprays or liquids. They vary in scope. One preparation is required for processing the premises, another for animals, and a third for the treatment of plants.