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Don Sphinx: skin, ears, eyes, claws and teeth care


The history of the appearance of this breed of cats is associated with the filming of a Hollywood movie. During the filming process, director Paul Casey became evidence of the death of the last of the leopards living in the canyon who fell victim to poachers. Then Casey decided that the public should pay attention to the problem of the destruction of wild animals. The director came up with the idea of ​​creating a domestic cat breed that resembles leopards. Such a move, in his opinion, would help people caring for animals of a new breed to think about a similar attitude to representatives of the wild.

To realize his plan, Casey turned to researcher Louis Leakey. The laborious selection took years before the world saw domestic cats, strikingly similar to leopards. The genome of the new breed combines the hereditary traits of the Siamese, British, Abyssinian, Angora, and Shorthair American breeds. The spotted color was obtained by adding genes from the Egyptian and Malayan cat breeds.

Breed description

Representatives of the breed California shining have large dimensions and a long, toned body. They are characterized by flexibility and muscle development. The weight of an adult is 7-8 kg. Cats of this breed have a long tail, which tapers towards its end. The limbs are distinguished by considerable length, harmony and strength. It is worth noting that the hind limbs of California shining cats are longer compared to the front. Their structure provides a special manner of gait, which is very similar to predatory habits. Oval-shaped paws are medium in size.

The shape of the head is triangular, the forehead is convex. The muzzle of cats of this breed is elongated, has high cheekbones and a strong lower part. Large, widely spaced eyes are distinguished by a round incision. Their color can be different - from golden to bright red or brown. In cats of the breed, California shining ears are small in size and with rounded tips. The coat is thick, densely covering the whole body. It is pleasant and soft to the touch. The coat color is characterized by contrast and sharpness, as well as the presence of round or rectangular spots - as in predatory animals. It is noteworthy that the kittens of this breed from birth are black in color, and the stain begins to appear only as they grow up. It is also worth noting that the word "shining" was added to the name of the breed due to the presence of brilliant overflows on the coat. Grace, amazing color and body structure give cats of this breed a resemblance to real leopards.

California shining cats are endowed with character traits such as goodwill, energy, observation, complaisance and playfulness. They are smart and prefer an active lifestyle. In many ways they show independence and are not imposed on their owners, as they are able to notice a lack of mood or employment.

Cats of this breed do not show aggression and get along well with children. When living in a family, they show an equal attitude to all its members. Other animals are accepted calmly - however, dogs are an exception. With them, hostility can occur in cats, but in the best case, complete disregard may appear.

California shining cats have preserved hunting instincts, which are manifested, for example, in attempts to jump for their prey. On this basis, they need a sufficient amount of free space and physical activity. Living in a small apartment will be uncomfortable for them. Pets of this breed really like toys - especially those that are decorated with feathers.

For those who decide to become the owner of a leopard-like pet, a nice bonus would be the absence of diseases at the genetic level. However, they can still pick up some feline diseases — for example, helminthiasis. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out its prevention 2 times a year. The average life expectancy of representatives of the breed California Shining is 12-15 years.

Cats of this breed are unpretentious in nutrition. Therefore, there is no restriction in their diet, which can be based on natural food or on feed. The main rule is balance. Useful for them is boiled sea fish, as well as scalded meat. Do not forget to supply fiber to your pet's diet.

Maintenance and care

Californian shining cats are neat and tidy. In order to maintain a pleasant appearance of the coat, weekly combing is necessary. The brush should have soft bristles. Eye care is carried out by carefully rubbing them with a cotton swab, which is pre-moistened with warm water. Ears and teeth are cleaned once a week. Tartar can form on the teeth and must be eliminated.

Since cats of this breed are lovers of an active lifestyle, it is advisable to build a corner for them for games. They should be able to perform high jumps, run and satisfy their curiosity.

Estimated price for a California shining cat is from 105 000 rubles. However, it will not be possible to acquire a pet of this breed in Russia and the CIS countries, it will be necessary to turn to American breeders. The package of documents attached when buying a cat should include a metric, a veterinary passport, a contract of sale. The buyer has the right to receive information about the parents and about the conditions in which the adults and their offspring were kept. When buying, as a rule, advice is provided regarding the care of animals. In the absence of the possibility of a personal visit to the nursery, delivery can be arranged.

Since the California shining is a rather rare breed, it is worth approaching the process of acquiring its representative with responsibility and attention to all details, including the documentation provided by the breeder.

How to care for the skin of the Don Sphinx? And how often do you need to bathe him?

The skin of the Don Sphinxes needs special care. Cats need to be washed about twice a month, as the skin secretes a peculiar brown substance that forms a wax-like coating, especially in folds. Perhaps it is a protection for skin without hair. Most exposed to this is absolutely naked animals, whose skin is more folded. But too much excretion of this substance may indicate poor nutrition or health problems.

Use warm, not hot water. Normal cat shampoos are not suitable for sphynxes, therefore, it is necessary to choose specially designed shampoos for naked cats, for example, Proteine ​​French shampoo from Hery - Essential Proteine. You can also wash the sphinxes with baby shampoos or soap that do not contain dyes and fragrances using a soft sponge. Some breeders prefer dishwashing liquids. If the skin is not washed well enough, you can first apply cosmetic milk for children, massage it to dissolve skin fat, and then rinse with water. Bathing can be replaced with a daily wipe with a damp towel.

Particular attention should be paid to the tail, starting from puberty, “black dots” (clogged sebaceous glands) appear on it, so the tail should be periodically wiped with lotion for problem skin.

The main thing is to wipe and dry the animal well after bathing so that it does not catch a cold. If the skin of the Don Sphinx is not taken care of, then it becomes more susceptible to fungal diseases.

How to care for the teeth, ears, eyes and claws of the Don Sphinx?

Don Sphynx teeth care is the same as for other cat breeds. Brushing your teeth at least once a week. For these purposes, use a special toothbrush and toothpaste for animals. Kittens are taught to this procedure from a very young age (from 4-5 months). When tartar appears, it is removed in a veterinary clinic, otherwise the cat may be left without teeth.

Ear care. In the ears of the sphinxes, a dark brown thick secretion accumulates quite quickly. This is normal for this breed and it does not interfere with cats. For aesthetic purposes, sphynx ears should be wiped with special lotions to clean the ears with a soft cloth or gauze. Choose a non-oil-based product, as the secretions themselves are quite oily.

Due to the lack of eyelashes in the eyes of the sphinxes, mucus can accumulate in the conjunctival sacs, which must be removed daily with a gauze cloth dipped in cool boiled water or a special eye care lotion.

Claws of sphinxes are sheared at least twice a month, using a special claw cutter. Only the tip of the claw is cut, trying not to hurt the blood vessels. If you have never cut a cat’s claws, first watch the training video (YouTube to help).

How long does it take to care for a California shining cat, and what care products should I buy?

If a California cat does not take part in exhibitions, then care can be successfully carried out on their own. In fact, the time of care depends on how much the owner will be able to accustom the pet to the procedures.

California shining cats are short-haired and therefore it is recommended to purchase a rubber mitten brush, a piece of suede or silk fabric to care for their hair. The furminator will be very useful. You will also need a special shampoo for shorthair cats.

To care for the oral cavity, it is recommended to purchase a special toothpaste and brush. Caring for your ears, cotton wool, drops for your ears or liquid paraffin will come in handy. For "ordinary" eye care, you only need a damp cloth or cotton wool. Claws also need care. For aesthetic and practical purposes (against damage to furniture and other things), it is advisable to cut the claws with a nail clipper.

How to care for the hair of a California shining cat?

It will take a little time and effort to care for the hair of cats of this breed (if the cat is accustomed to grooming). The furminator is a very useful device, if it is available, then start grooming with it. After removing the dead hair with a furminator, it is necessary to collect the remaining hair with a rubber brush, and then rub the wool with a piece of silk, suede or fur. The finisher is used once a month. Brushing is recommended at least once a week. During seasonal molting, the procedure should be performed more often.

How to bathe a California shining cat, and with what frequency?

If the cat's coat is slightly dirty, then you can wash it once a month. For bathing, it is necessary to use a special “cat” shampoo, preferably for short-haired cats. Before washing, be sure to plug your ears with pieces of cotton so that no water gets into them. It is not recommended to soap the face. It should just be wiped with a damp cloth. Dry California shining cat need only a towel. The hair dryer has a bad effect on the skin, draining it.

Do I need to wear Don Sphinxes in winter?

All sphinxes are thermophilic, so if the apartment is cold, it is advisable to equip the cats with a warm place where they could warm themselves (for example, put a heating pad in the house). You can put the sphinx in a sweater that covers the front of the body. Although sphinxes are considered cold-resistant, significant hypothermia can be dangerous for them and lead to respiratory diseases and even pneumonia, which is difficult to diagnose and treat in cats.

At night, the sphinxes like to sleep in bed with the owners under the covers, stretching out along the body and resting his head on the pillow.

How to care for the teeth, ears, eyes and claws of a California shining cat?

Once a week, it is recommended to conduct a thorough examination of the cat: examine the oral cavity, eyes, ears and palpate the stomach.

If plaque is detected in the auricles, then it should be removed with a piece of cotton wool soaked in liquid paraffin or a special tool for the ears.

Teeth should be cleaned at least once a week to prevent the formation of tartar and remove plaque. To do this, use a special paste and brush for cats. It is dangerous to use human toothpastes.

Eyes need regular care. Tearful paths should be wiped with a napkin or a piece of cotton wool soaked in cool boiled water or weak tea. A separate napkin is used for each eye.

The claws are trimmed with a claw cutter as they grow back (about two times a month). Clippers do not cut their claws with ordinary scissors, since after this procedure the claws begin to flake and crumble.

Cat Ear Care

In order to clean the ears of an animal, it is necessary to properly fix the pet’s head, very carefully turn the ear inside out and wipe it with cotton wool wound on a stick. For cleaning, you can use a solution of hydrogen peroxide or petroleum jelly.

Important! Do not try to penetrate deep into the ear; this could result in injury to the eardrum.

If you notice excessive discharge from the animal’s ear, swelling or redness, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Cat teeth care

Cats, like humans, need to take care of their teeth. Caries, tartar or plaque, gum disease - cause a lot of trouble pet. That is why it is so important to carry out preventive measures. From an early age, the kitten must be accustomed to the examination and brushing.

To clean the teeth from plaque, you can use a clean cloth bandage, as well as special pastes and brushes. To prevent the formation of tartar, it is necessary to periodically offer the pet a special dry food, particles of which polish the animal’s teeth and prevent the formation of deposits on tooth enamel.

Take care of your pet, pay attention to the hygiene of your pet and carefully monitor any changes in his health.