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Plummer Terrier


Plummer terrier arose as a result of crossing the Fell Terrier with the Jack Russell Terrier and the American Beagle. Additionally, the blood of the bull terrier was added. Despite the fact that the breed has already been established, it is still not recognized. Its creator is Brian Plummer, in whose honor the breed got its name.

The strong and active Plummer Terrier has its own breeders' club and a ten-year breeding plan, the ultimate goal of which is to recognize the breed as a British Kennel club.

The Plummer Terrier was bred to hunt rats. Enthusiasts of the breed claim that this dog broke world records in the speed of hunting rats.

This is a lively, bold and very daring terrier, which is famous for the inherent breed group of this indefatigable energy and activity.

Homeland: United Kingdom.
Appearance: the 80s. 20th century.
Purpose: rat hunter.
Usage today: rat hunter, companion dog.
Life expectancy: 13-15 years.
Weight: 5.5-7 kg.
Height at the withers: 29-34 cm.

Color: red and white.

Exterior: the head of the Plummer Terrier is small, the muzzle is elongated, narrowed, the ears are bent down and turned forward, the eyes are brown, attentive, the neck is muscular, the elbows are firmly pressed to the body, the coat is smooth, adjacent, the limbs are short, strong, the tail rises high.

Credit: Portal Zooclub
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Plummer terrier

  • Group:Terriers
  • Country of origin:England
  • Time of occurrence: 1980 years
  • Abilities:companion
  • Abilities previously: pied piper
  • The size:small
  • Load requirement:


In the UK, there already exists a club of lovers of these compactly built, aggressive terriers, which has developed a long-term program for their breeding and is preparing an application for British breed registration for the British Kennel Club. Plummer specialist in the extermination of rodents. According to fans of the breed, its representatives today own the world record for the speed of extermination of rats. At the insistence of the creator of the breed, Brian Plummer, the breeding of these dogs in the country is controlled by three members of the club. So Plummer hopes to keep the dogs in their constitution, color and temperament today. Plummer Terrier lively, confident and even somewhat arrogant little dog, which, like all terriers, has inexhaustible energy.