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How to play with guinea pig: rules and tips


The guinea pig is a curious creature in need of communication, but not one, even the most caring owner, can devote all its time to it. But to make a pet happy, and its everyday life more interesting, everyone can do it. For this, the guinea pig cage must be equipped with the necessary attributes: hammocks, mattresses, sleeping bags - for relaxation, and a variety of toys - for entertainment.

In specialized stores, there is a huge selection of toys for guinea pigs - from swings to walking balls, but their choice must be treated very carefully, they can be traumatic or simply harmful due to the colors used.

To entertain a pet, it is not necessary to go to the store and buy toys whose safety can be in doubt. In any home, there are objects that will entertain the mumps no worse than expensive purchased toys.


Plain paper crumpled into a ball - what could be easier? A pig will probably be interested in a rustling object

Wooden arches

Curious pets are interested in many objects that fall into their field of vision. For example, they like wooden arches, which can easily be made independently from sticks. In such a shelter, the animal feels protected.


Guinea pigs are not averse to admiring their reflection in the mirror. The main thing is to make sure that the mirror is securely fixed.

Paper Cylinders

Make a tunnel of thick paper or cardboard by folding it into a tube and choosing the optimal length or width. The pig will gladly climb inside and play there. You can take a regular cardboard reel from under the toilet paper, hammer a hole in the hay - you get both a toy and a feeder at the same time. The old sock can be used in the same way.


Any unpainted cardboard boxes of suitable sizes can be used as toys for guinea pigs.

Wooden cubes

Children's wooden cubes can become not only entertainment, but also a trainer for teeth.

Boxes with a treat inside

As is known, the vision in guinea pigs, although colored, is not clear enough, which is offset by good smell and hearing. This can be used when making toys. For example, you can take a box from a kinder surprise, pour raw sunflower seeds there, and make a small hole in the side so that when you shake the seeds, a little spill out. Having sensed the seeds, the pig will try to move the naughty cylinder, while a few seeds will spill out, and the pig will receive a "reward".

When choosing toys for a guinea pig, remember that toys that create a load on the spine are categorically contraindicated - running wheels, walking balls.


Perhaps the most adored thing by guinea pigs. This is not only a tunnel for games, but also a shelter house. Pig can’t get bored with such an accessory: you can dive into the pipe and screech out on the other side, you can climb onto it and look around, you can lie sideways, hanging your legs, you can pry the pipe with your nose, roll it around the cage ... If you need to get the pig from cages, just take out with the pipe. Tunnel pipes are different: plastic, sewn from fabric, with fur. You can buy them at a pet store, or having shown imagination, do it yourself.

Sleeping bags

Another thing that pigs love is sleeping bags. An envelope sewn from soft fabric with a padding polyester inside is simply a necessary accessory in the pig’s apartment. By their nature, animals love to climb into various shelters, as well as lie on the soft. A sleeping bag allows both. Pulling the edges of the nose, the pig easily climbs into the envelope and with great pleasure settles there. The thing is very convenient. A bag, for example, can be placed in the hands of a small child, without fear that the pig will accidentally scratch the baby and he will drop it on the floor. If the pet needs to be taken somewhere, the bag can be put in a carrier, and in cold weather just put in the bosom. As with the pipe, it is easier to remove the pet from the cage with the bag. And for breeds of guinea pigs without wool, it is simply irreplaceable - it is warm and pricks nothing. It is better to have a couple of bags so that while you wash one of them, the pig will not be left without its favorite accessory.

Mattress and mat

A mattress and a rug are two more items that will be useful to your pet. They differ only in the fact that the first has sides. Mattresses can be of any shape — square, rectangular, round, or with or without fur. Tired, the pigs climb onto the mattress, and, resting their heads on the side, like on a pillow, fall asleep.


A hammock may well replace an uncomfortable house, which often comes with a cage. Mumps can lie both in the hammock and under it. The animal feels itself in shelter, and at the same time you can clearly see it.

At the first acquaintance with a new toy, an animal may even be frightened at first, but quickly realizes that this thing is not scary at all, but very necessary and interesting to her. Guinea pigs are always wary of new items that have appeared in their home. Do not rush things until the pig examines an unknown object, it will not use it for its intended purpose.

Basic rules of home games

The first thing you need to take care of before starting the game is security. The animal in freedom can run away, pick up a dangerous object, one of the household can step on it. It is important to secure the pet’s walking area and clear the playing area from dangerous objects. Plastic bags, poisonous plants, sharp tools (pins, needles), wires are ranked as dangerous objects for rodents.

Before releasing a pet, you need to warn households that the pig is outside the cage. This is done so that no one accidentally steps on a small animal. It is also worth removing other pets, such as cats or dogs, from the site of the rodent's games. Predatory animals can injure a small animal.

During the game, the animal may need water. Therefore, it is better to put a bowl of water in front of you in advance.

Teach your children how to play with guinea pig, and what absolutely can not be done. If the child is small, then playing with the pet is better in the presence of an adult. And if the child is older, then he can completely entertain the animal on his own.

To prevent the pig from accidentally doing its toilet things on the floor or carpet, you can put the newspaper in the place of the game.

How often to play with guinea pig

Pets are prone to obesity due to low mobility. While the owners are at work, they are forced to wait until they play with them. This is fraught not only with weight gain, but also with depression in the pet. To avoid these problems, you need to play with a guinea pig daily for at least 30 minutes. It is better if the games last for up to two hours, but if there is very little time, then half an hour is the necessary minimum.

Simple but fun toys

Entertaining a rodent is easy. Here are some examples of toys that won't let your pet get bored.

  1. Mirror. It is better to hang it from the outside, as the pig may come up with the idea to try an object on the tooth. The rodent will enjoy admiring and playing with its reflection, and he will spend a lot of time behind this occupation.
  2. Paper com. The rodent will like to drive crumpled paper balls, because they rustle so funny.
  3. Scarecrows stuffed with hay. To make a scarecrow, an old leaky sock or toilet paper tube will do. The animal will be happy to get dried grass out of it.
  4. Branches of fruit trees. Tasty twigs for rodents are a real treat.
  5. Balls Small tennis balls and rubber jumpers are also suitable. The pet is happy to chase them. The main thing is not to let her start to bite them.
  6. Cardboard box with holes. This is a real hit among rodents. Holes are made in the box into which the animal can crawl. With this maze, the pig will be carried away for a long time.
  7. Wooden toys are a good option to sharpen your teeth. Wooden items must be made of natural wood, free of paint and other toxic substances.

Walking on the street and at home

You can play with a guinea pig both at home and on the street. A common accessory for walking is a walking ball. It is suitable for hamsters, but for guinea pigs it can be harmful. The harm is excessive stress on the back of the animal. In principle, it can be used, but very rarely.

An aviary is best for walking pigs. It can be placed both in the house and on the street. On the street, the animals are carried out in warm weather without precipitation and strong winds. The animal will not be able to escape anywhere, but this does not mean that you can leave him there unattended. There may be other animals on the street that are interested in the rodent.

Tips & Tricks

Mumps are fearful animals, they must first get used to the new environment. Therefore, the animal is recommended to gradually accustom to games, walking in the house and on the street. First, the pet is taken out of the cage for a short period of time. Watch his behavior. Then they begin to interest in various games.

On a walk, furniture suffers from rodent teeth. For safety, it is covered with covers.

Catching a pet at the end of the walk is simple, just lure it with a treat.

If the pet is taken out after the rain or in the morning, when there is dew on the grass, then the walking area can be blotted with a paper towel. This way the pig will not be wet.


Owners of guinea pigs often breed several individuals to entertain each other. But then the animals need less interaction with the host. In order to raise a friend in the animal, to take care of his physical and mental health, it is necessary to take time daily to communicate with the pet.