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Golden retriever


Familiarity with the breed should start with basic information.

  1. The weight of an adult female reaches 25 - 37 kg, male - 26 - 41.5 kg,
  2. Height at the withers of the bitch - 51 - 56 cm, male - 5 cm more,
  3. Color - all shades of cream and golden colors, with the exception of red, red and mahogany,
  4. The coat is long, straight or slightly wavy. Undercoat waterproof tight.

Varieties of breed

There are three types of golden retrievers:

This is not to say that they are completely different. Their temperament, intelligence, life expectancy are completely the same. But there are certain differences that determined the division of the breed into different types.

  1. Color. American Golden Retriever, according to the standard, have a rich, vibrant golden color with different shades. At the same time, very dark and very light colors are not typical for this type. European retrievers have lighter shades, down to a pure white color,
  2. Height. American Golden Retrievers are slightly higher than European
  3. Body structure. Representatives of the European type are heavier, have a shorter and wider muzzle, as well as shorter legs and deeper chest.

Canadian retriever is a cross between the two types listed above: in growth and physique, they are similar to European retriever, but have a lighter color, such as that of the American breed.

What is the difference between Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever?

Golden retrievers are often compared to labradors. They differ in that the Labrador has shorter hair, they are more dense physique. Retriever fur is more beige, and Labradors are more likely yellow.

General description of the breed

The popularity of dogs of this breed is growing markedly. In the American Club of Retriever alone, more than 70,000 dogs are registered annually, and this statistic is increasing every year.

The popularity of this breed is due to their character - they are kind, smart, playful - ideal friends for any family. The life expectancy of golden retrievers is 10-12 years.


Golden retrievers are harmoniously folded, symmetrical, active, strong, strong. Their head is always proportional to the body, the skull is slightly convex and wide. The muzzle is long and straight, the cheeks are flat. The nose lobe, which has open nostrils, is large and black. The ears of the dog are tight to the cheeks, hanging, with rounded ends.

The neck is medium long, muscular and without folds. The chest in the region of the heart is deep, the back is short, even, with strong muscles. The tail is located at the level of the back, the stomach is always tightened. The shoulders are strong, equal in length to the shoulder blades. Paws are medium in size, rounded with thick pads.

Golden Retriever - very smart dogs. Confirmation of these words is the study of American professor of psychology and neuropsychology researcher Stanley Coren, according to which this breed occupies an intelligence level 4th place among 133 breeds. It should be noted that these dogs are excellent students who, throughout their lives, absorb information like a sponge.

The main character traits of the Golden Retriever:

  • sociability,
  • devotion,
  • love for children,
  • mental stability
  • friendliness
  • complaisance.

Golden retrievers fight with other dogs only in critical situations, when there is a risk of harm to life and health. These are very powerful dogs, and therefore they come out victorious with such fights. The Golden Retriever is probably a great companion, not a guard dog.. Because of his credulity and kindness, it is quite simple to mislead him.

A dog of this breed should be brought to people who already have other domestic animals, including cats. They are not prone to dominance, and therefore are favorable to all other animals. Dogs of this breed are very playful and active.

Attitude to children

Golden retriever is very calm and devoid of aggression, these dogs love people and obey them in every way. They just love to mess with kids, and thanks to a stable psyche, they are able to withstand all the "bullying" of small children. According to the dog handlers, the pets of this breed are completely safe for children and will never harm them.


Golden retrievers are very trainable. Such dogs are often used at customs, police, and also at airports to search for prohibited items..

You can start training puppies as early as 2 months through simple developmental exercises. At 6 months old, you can play with young retrievers in earnest.


Despite the fact that golden retrievers were bred for hunting, they are very friendly dogs that have long been used for medicinal purposes. Schools of canister therapy are opening around the world, in which dogs help children with special needs adapt.

With their presence, retrievers calm, relieve stress, comfort, eliminate aggressive behavior.. In a dog of this breed there is a lot of positive energy that is transmitted to a person.

Buying a dog

When choosing a puppy, the first thing you need to decide for what purpose it is needed: for hunting, shows, trials or just for comfort and warmth in the family.

What should I look for when buying a retriever?

  1. The puppy should be friendly, agile, not overactive and not lethargic,
  2. The coat should not show signs of parasites,
  3. The room in which the puppies are kept should be warm, clean and free from odors,
  4. When meeting, dogs should wag their tails.

If the puppy is bought as a pet - the optimal age for its acquisition - 7-7.5 weeks. It is not recommended to transfer the puppy to the new environment at 8 weeks, as during this period he is especially sensitive to changes. Better to wait until 9 weeks.

When buying a show puppy, you need to be more careful. First you need to study all the standards of the breed, which will become the guide in choosing one or another puppy. It will not be superfluous to visit specialized exhibitions and talk with pedigrees that are exhibited.

Some believe that the best breed puppies will certainly keep them. It's a delusion. Even the most active carers will be happy to give the puppy to the hands of people interested in shows and victories. Be sure to require a pedigree, photographs, as well as a detailed description of the dog.

Buying an adult dog

Changing the owner and habitat for the Golden Retriever is a lot of stress. And therefore it is important that the previous owner himself brought the pet into a new house and helped him adapt a little. To accelerate this process, it is recommended to put in the place where the pet will sleep, some object familiar to him.

There is a definite advantage in buying an adult dog - it is complete confidence in its beauty and qualities. This is especially true of the purchase of show dogs.

Preparing a puppy at home

Before buying a puppy you must:

  1. Hide potentially dangerous objects (tools, cords, small toys, chemicals, cleaning products),
  2. Remove plants that are dangerous for the puppy's health (dieffenbachia, aucuba, spurge, barking, ficus, pasalia, holly, wisteria, cyclamen),
  3. Consult your veterinarian about the best food for your puppy,
  4. Take care of the availability of fresh water at any time,
  5. Prepare a sleeping place:
  6. Place a toilet in the house (tray with filler).

Puppies price

Factors affecting the price:

  • Age (the older the puppy, the higher the price)
  • Health status,
  • Pedigree.

It is worth noting that domestic puppies will cost less than promising show puppies from the same litter. The price, depending on the above factors, ranges 250 - 5000 dollars.

Features of care and maintenance

Golden retriever representatives can be kept in any premises (private house, apartment). Caring for dogs of this breed is not complicated. The main thing is to immediately accustom him to the daily routine and hygiene procedures.

Golden retrievers are very mobile dogs, and therefore, regardless of weather conditions walking with them in the fresh air is necessary 2 times a day.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Key Benefits of Golden Retrievers:

  • Great character
  • Lack of aggression
  • High level of intelligence
  • Love for children,
  • Ability to learn.

  • Dog's coat is a strong allergen,
  • They are very trusting, and therefore it’s impossible to grow a guard out of them,
  • High price.

The Golden Retriever is an ideal dog for a large family, with the advent of which joy, comfort and happiness will come to the house. Adults will find a faithful friend, and small children will become an affectionate and caring nanny.

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Description of the Golden Retriever breed

The growth of dogs of the Golden Retriever breed reaches 56-61 centimeters, and weight - 26-45 kilograms.

The life expectancy of a dog is 15-17 years, but with proper care it can take longer.

The Golden Retriever is distinguished by its proportionality. This is an active, well-built dog that has a friendly look and confident movements.

The breed standard Golden Retriever describes that the head will look harmonious with respect to the body.

The muzzle of the dog should not be coarse and sharp. From the forehead to the muzzle leads a pronounced transition.

Particular attention should be paid to the eyes. They should be dark brown and have a dark stroke.

Dogs have powerful and strong jaws that have a scissor bite. Retriever’s teeth are strong and sharp.

The ears of a dog of this breed are medium in size, set at eye level.

The golden retriever’s chest is powerful, the ribs are deep and curved. The back is fairly even, and the croup and tail continue the line.

The front legs of the dog are quite straight and muscular. The hind limbs should also be muscular and have a strong skeleton.

The golden retriever has pronounced knee joints. The extension of the paws back during jogging depends on these joints, respectively, affect the repulsive force.

Dog hair is straight or slightly wavy. The undercoat is tight, waterproof.

The colors of the golden retriever can be from golden to cream shades. The color of the coat must not be red or red.

Golden Retriever Dog Character

The Golden Retriever dog is an extremely energetic and hardy dog ​​with excellent memory and natural flair.

It allows them to work perfectly both on land and on water, where she can look for wild game.

Golden retrievers also do a great job at customs, look for drugs and explosives, and help in rescue operations.

By their nature, Golden Retriever dogs are very kind, intelligent and affectionate dogs. The same they are playful, but at the same time calm, dogs bark extremely rarely.

Retrievers are not at all suitable as guard dogs.

Pets are not prone to dominance, so they can get along well with young children.

Retrievers are ideal as a companion dog for an elderly person or people with disabilities.

Dogs also get along well with other pets.